Ethan Vorly – Gamma Meditation [FLAC]

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Ethan Vorly – Gamma Meditation
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Gamma Brainwaves Are High Frequency Brainwaves Which Are Usually Very Weak In Normal People!

In Tibetan Monks These Brainwaves Have Been Found To Be Far More Active! The Highest Levels Ever Recorded Were In Tibetan Monks While Doing A Loving Kindness Meditation!

When Gamma brainwaves are strong the entire cortex is activated. It is a brainwave that integrates the brain and helps it to work as a whole. When the brain works as a whole it is not surprising that the experience is of being whole. It is a natural state of being and it is the state of all babies. The babies brain has strong Gamma activity as their brain has not yet been segregated into distinct parts. Their sense of self is simple, whole and integrated. As the child grows up however their brain starts to work in compartments with some parts becoming more active and others less active. As the personality becomes more complex and the Gamma brainwave becomes weaker the child starts to look for its sense of self in what it does and how it relates to the world instead of its wholeness, its being.

This soundtrack is very powerful and it can have a strong cathartic effect when first used. As it activates certain parts of the brain that may have been fairly dormant for some time it can bring up memories and painful emotions from the past to be cleared. Memories of childhood can become very vivid as your brain gets closer to the state it was in during youth.

Just as entraining to very low frequencies exercises the brain, so too does entraining to very high frequencies.

This is a 30 minute sound track that quickly ramps up to 40hz and then holds you there. A combination of entrainment methods have been used to make it as powerful as possible. It will be effective with or without headphones but is most effective with good quality stereo headphones. These are highly recommended for this soundtrack.

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